Das Bus

Make history in a piece of history.

Photo by Tylar Springer for Tylar Springer Photography.

Photo by Tylar Springer for Tylar Springer Photography.

Das Right

Das Bus is a love child born from two hungry and creative souls, Kate Stoddard and John Pearson, who decided to put their talents of craftsmanship and digital design together in a beautiful 1959 Volkswagen bus. The idea was simple: Make a photo booth even more awesome by putting it on wheels. Really sweet, vintage wheels. Since conception in 2013, Das Bus has taken the Bay Area by storm, setting up shop at various music and food festivals, community events, weddings, corporate parties, and everything in between. 

The bus? Her name is Bonnie. She is a Type 2 Kombi from 1959 they found in Vernon, Alabama. Yep, a real, true southern belle. The previous owners, Dale and Jan, warmed the hearts of John and Kate with their thick southern accents, convincing them that she was too special to pass up. And they were right.  

Das Bus has also recently expanded with a 1966 Type 2 camper conversion! Check out the restoration process here on the Das Bus blog.

Das Bus is based in Oakland, CA and drives to events all over California. Email them for rates and availability. At some point, they plan on touring the country. So if you are outside of California and interested in hosting the Das Bus crew, please get in touch!

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